Judi's Editing

A Good Manuscript
      Deserves ...
   A Good Editor

Do you have a manuscript ready to edit - or perhaps only part of one? I charge by the page so I will do as many pages as you have ready at any one time. I can do a full book or a chapter at a time. Genre's not important, but I do enjoy a good story.

With 45 years of secretarial experience, including in-house newsletters, under my belt, I'm qualified to edit your manuscript and will enjoy doing it.

I have just become the in-house editor for L. Cooper Press. They are the best combination of self-publishing with traditional publishing that I've seen so far. The title of their FREE presentation says it perfectly: Publish Independently - Keep Traditional Benefits

Types of Editing

Press Releases, Business Letters

Novels, Short Stories, Memoirs

FREE Sample Edit

Finding a good editor can be a frustrating journey. Like a doctor, no one editor is a perfect match for every writer. To make sure we're a good match, send one or two pages and/or questions for a sample edit:

Formatted to Industry Standards:

  • Word doc only
  • double-spaced 
  • 1 inch margins
  • one side only
  • send via attachment


"Judi caught typos, awkward sentences, and other errors. And she was fast. I plan to contact her for all future work." 

Brenda Hill

"I'm a newbie writer. Judy did line editing on my first attempt to
publishable short story. Her comments gave me more value than just line
editing. I was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and start pursuing the
courses that will help me improve. So thank you so much Judy!"

Lexa C

English is not Lexa's first language but she is learning fast. Good work, Lexa.. 

"Ms. Ring always brings a sense of excellence to The Writers' Gallery on Monday nights.  She has a good ear for prose, a sharp eye for grammar and tense, and demonstrates a thorough understanding of character's growth within narrative."

Andrew Irvin