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I am a Line/Copy Editor for fiction, novels, memoirs, short stories, non-fiction, etc. Of course, I love to read. My favorite reads are romance, historical romance, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, mystery - well, as I said, I love to read. Genre's really not important, but I really enjoy a good story.

I don't require you to submit a finished manuscript. Since my rates are based on the number of pages you have to edit, I will edit however many pages you send each time.  It can be a full book or a chapter at a time. And as far as genre's concerned, that's not important. I read many genres, but I do enjoy a good story. 

I am an active member of two critique groups and have two novels, several short stories and a Star Trek pastiche currently in progress. And with 45 years of secretarial experience, including in-house newsletters, under my belt, I am qualified to edit your manuscript, and will enjoy doing it.

Of course, a good editor is a busy editor. If I'm booked, a small deposit will hold your place in line.

And of course, for your convenience, I accept PayPal.

Judi at Grapes & Gourmet
Highland, CA
July 2014

I've lived in several areas of the United States, but have stayed longest here in Yucaipa, part of the San Bernardino County area of Southern California.

My recent edits include Brenda Hill's new book and A. Irvin's writing.

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